NFV, the technology to virtualize network services

What is NFV?

Network Function Virtualization (NFV), is a technology that virtualizes network services based on X86 alike hardware, enabling operators and enterprises to deploy more flexible networks and reduce overall CAPEX.

This virtualization technology integrates all computing resources together and accesses unified management with virtualization platform. By deploying virtual machines (VMs) on commodity hardware, multiple network functions can be provided for diverse application scenarios.

The benefits of NFV

· Improve stability and interoperability
· Replace dedicated hardware with Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) server
· Achieve resource consolidation and overall cost reduction without requiring additional hardware resources
· Disaggregate the network functions and hardware resources to achieve software-based network functions and general hardware resources
· Enhance the flexibility to run or adjust virtual network functions (VNFs) on various servers to test potential new services, therefore delivering network services faster with high quality

IPLOOK’s core network solution based on NFV

IPLOOK, a leading end-to-end mobile core network solution, provides tailor-made core network solution based on NFV technology.

All network elements of 5GC and EPC (AMF/MME, PCF/PCRF, UDM/AUSF/HSS, UPF/GW-U, SMF/GW-C, NEF, NRF, NSSF) can be deployed on the bare metal of a standalone COTS server located remotely in a data center or on the cloud instead of dedicated hardware.

Due to its cloud-native and fully virtualized design, it can also be deployed in Docker, OpenStack, RedHat and Kubernetes Containers, contributing to a more comprehensive NFV solution.

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